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Group Runs

Tuesday - Track

March-October, starting at 6:00 pm at the Santa Fe High School track.

Welcome back to the track again.

The weather looks great !

This workout is a little easier than most.

It should be appropriate for the 1st night back.

Here's the order of intervals.


Remember the rules.

   1. Don=E2=80=99t get hurt

   2. Have fun. This is a lot easier if you obey rule number one.

Please Warm Up!    - Jog at least 800 meters.

Try to run easy with 2 to 4 short sprints to take the shock out of the

They should be no more than 50 meters and it works a lot better with a

Here's how I recommend doing the workout....

400 - about 10 -15 seconds SLOWER than your 5k pace last year.

    400 jog

 1200  at your 5k pace. (80 - 85 % effort)

    400 jog

 1000  Slightly faster than your 5k pace. (80 - 85 % effort)

    400 jog

  800   Slightly faster than your 5k pace. (80 - 85 % effort)

     400 jog

  400  Slightly faster than your 5k pace. (80 - 85 % effort)

     400 jog


  400  Pretty hard if you have anything left. Try a race pace lap if you
have a race coming up.

Cool down -  At least a 400.


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Thursday - Tempo Runs

Year round runs, starting at 6:00 pm at the Running Hub.

Saturday - Long Runs

The Saturday Long Run starts at 8:00 A.M. from the Rail Runner s Kiss &
Drop station at the intersection of Zia and St. Francis (3001 South St
Francis Drive). Runners also start at the Rabbit Road rail trail parking
lot at 8:15 AM. To reach the Rabbit Road trailhead, go south on St. Francis
Drive pass under I-25 or south on Old Pecos Trail passing over 1-25; take a
right head west on Rabbit Road watch for the small parking lot on the left.
This is interesting & claimed to be the most comprehensive review ever
conducted on physiology and pathophysiology in ultra-marathon.

Andy a@winnegar.com 505-660-1839

Zia and St. Francis Rail Runner Station and Rail Trail course

Weekend Runs - Trail Runs

Trail runs, slow and steady thru beautiful Santa Fe natural landscape. run coordinator: Stephen Sweezey.

Hey Gang,

Looks like the temps should get a little warmer this weekend. So, how about
a run?

Saturday (3/23), 5am and 7am: Atalaya. Meet at the St. John's College trail
head for a 6ish mile out and back at 5am and a lollipop loop for the second
half (same distance both times). Shoe traction device wasn't needed Tuesday
night, however Atalaya might get some snow today.

Sunday (3/24), 8am: Dale Ball Trails. Meet at the Sierra del Norte trail
head at 8am for a 2 hour run. Depending on trail conditions, we will run
8-10 miles.

Make safe choices on clothing and traction devices. Hope to see you there!!

Stephen Sweezey


Las Tortugas Crew

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